What is an installation ready entry door? by Julie Rundle

Does this home improvement project sound familiar? You finally find some time to face the project head-on - you have planned it out, and thought about all of the details. You have your materials, you have your tools and you start the job. Then comes the first trip to the hardware store because you overlooked the need for widget a. Then the second trip because you ran out of widget b, or discovered the need for a new tool! Or maybe another trip is in order for some touch-up paint.

For Global Entry Doors, installation ready means we ship to you all the pieces and parts required for a successful installation. Our doors are factory finished, and pre-hung with hinges, weather-stripping, and a threshold. Interior and exterior moldings are included, and jamb extensions are available if required. And if you decide to purchase your new entry hardware from us, we'll install that as well.

All securely delivered in a custom made crate to ensure everything arrives at your job site in perfect condition, ready to install - no extra trips to the hardware store required.